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Bridgewater is a small community located in the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire. Its residents and property owners value the rural qualities of the town and the region. They like the small town atmosphere. It is safe and friendly, and is a good place to raise a family or to retire. They value the forests, pastoral open spaces, and water bodies as locations for outdoor recreation, and for the scenic beauty they provide.

Bridgewater received its charter on February 12,  1788, when it was part of the town of New Chester. New Chester encompassed a land area from Franklin, NH to Plymouth, NH. New Chester was separated into Bridgewater and Hill, and at a later date, was further divided into Bristol, Danbury, and Wilmot. Early settlers of the area were from Bridgewater, Massachusetts, giving the town its name. Bridgewater was officially incorporated by John Sullivan, who was President of New Hampshire before the title was changed to Governor. The town line follows the eastern shore of Newfound Lake.

Spring Notice:  With Spring upon us, the annual "mud season" has also arrived. All roads are posted for weight limits. For those not living on dirt roads, it is best to limit travel and avoid those roads as much as practical. 

2014 Bridgewater Hebron Village District Annual Meeting. On Tuesday, April 8th, the annual Village District Meeting will be held. Voting will run from 5pm to 7pm. The business meeting will commence at 7pm. This is held at the Bridgewater Town Hall on Rt 3a. (BHVD owns and manages the school building in town)

2014 Town Meeting
. To view the 2014 Town Warrant, 2014 Selectmen's Report or 2014  Budget: (All warrants requests and budgets passed as presented in the 2014 Town Meeting.) See Town Report:  

See the  
Selectman's Corner for Info on Northern Pass, possible wind farm and reaction 
to the fire tragedy in Town

911 Addressing: It is important that your address number be posted and visible on your building. It facilitates emergency personnel locating you quickly in the case of an emergency. 

Notice: The 2012 Town Meeting voted to authorize a fine of up to $ 125 per day for construction without a building permit. Please contact the building inspector at 744-5055 before starting your projects. If your project/upgrade generates w‚Äčaste, please plan for the expense relative to the fees at the refuse facility. See the following link: HB Reports For building permit application, see the following link: Permit

Public Notice:  If you plan to have a gathering of 50 or more, a permit is required. The purpose of the permit is to plan for parking and other public safety matters prior to the event. See the following link: or contact the town hall for further information. 

2013 Tax Rate Set: The 2013 tax rate has declined to $ 9.65. This is the second year of decline and the town finances continue to strengthen.  For a copy of the Selectmen s newsletter click: 2013 Newsletter and for comparison tax rates in NH, click NH Tax Rates

2013 Summary of Class Reconfiguration Study in SAU4  

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