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Bridgewater is a small community located in the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire. Its residents and property owners value the rural qualities of the town and the region. They like the small town atmosphere. It is safe and friendly, and is a good place to raise a family or to retire. They value the forests, pastoral open spaces, and water bodies as locations for outdoor recreation, and for the scenic beauty they provide.

Bridgewater received its charter on February 12,  1788, when it was part of the town of New Chester. New Chester encompassed a land area from Franklin, NH to Plymouth, NH. New Chester was separated into Bridgewater and Hill, and at a later date, was further divided into Bristol, Danbury, and Wilmot. Early settlers of the area were from Bridgewater, Massachusetts, giving the town its name. Bridgewater was officially incorporated by John Sullivan, who was President of New Hampshire before the title was changed to Governor. The town line follows the eastern shore of Newfound Lake.

2015 Fiscal Matters Town finances improved significantly the last three  years. We are beginning to plan for the next few years and, if the overall economy remains strong, our goals are: Maintain a level or slightly declining municipal tax rate; Invest in some necessary capital upgrades. (police cruiser; highway pickup truck; highway backhoe and prudent upgrades in public safety equipment; continued tar overlay on selected roads,) To view the proposed Town budget, click here and/or to view the proposed capital warrants, click here. Please note: The proposed capital items in the town warrant will not increase the municipal tax rate as the bond payment for the public safety has been discharged.

 In the Village District and Refuse District, we anticipate level funding. We hope that other agencies follow and control their spending as well. Each fiscal year offers new challenges and we thank you for your continued support. We all should show our appreciation to our full and part time workforce for assisting in making Bridgewater an nice place to live.  

The Board of Selectmen

Skip Jenness     Terry Murphy     Hank Woolner

Town Meeting Information: Click here for zoning articles information which are voted on March 10th - 12 noon to 6 pm along with the school ballot. the Town operating budget and the town warrant are voted on the same day at 7:30pm at the town hall on Rt 3A. For the town budget click here; for the town warrant, click here.

Tax Rate Set: The 2014 tax rate has been set at $9.55. This is a $0.10 decline from the prior year. This the third year of decline. Our property tax ranking is presently 4th lowest of all incorporated towns. The median property tax for the State is approximately $22.35. This indicates that 50% of the Towns are higher or lower than that median value. Thanks for your continued support.

Wild Meadow Wind Project Abandoned:

Update1/15/15: EDP, another wind developer, is still in the site evaluation process.1/14/2015: The revised Spruce Ridge Wind project (EDP Renewables) has been reconfigured to include up to 29 499' wind turbines, which would potentially be hosted in the towns of: Alexandria, Groton, Orange, Dorchester and Canaan. Given the addition of 3 new towns to their configuration, NHWW is working to educate the new 'host' towns on the considerations of hosting an industrial wind facility. EDP is waiting on Federal Aviation Approval (FAA) of their configuration and will then finalize their application for submission to the Site Evaluation Committee.  For latest information (1/31/15), click here:

 Please continue to support the long and short term goals of the above groups to finally end these projects around this scenic lake.

Notice: The 2012 Town Meeting voted to authorize a fine of up to $ 125 per day for construction
without a building permit. Please contact the building inspector at 744-5055 before starting your projects. If your project/upgrade generates w‚Äčaste, please plan for the expense relative to the fees at the refuse facility. See the following link: HB Reports For building permit application, see the following link: Permit

Public Notice:  If you plan to have a gathering of 50 or more, a permit is required. The purpose of the permit is to plan for parking and other public safety matters prior to the event. See the following link: or contact the town hall for further information. 

2013 Summary of Class Reconfiguration Study in SAU4  

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